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just some panels from the second installation of Spooky Service LLC

Spooky Service was originally had the working title of “THE STRANGE”, it’s current working title is “Christian learns to not be a shimp.”

One day there may be “Christian learns time management”, and “Christian learns to not be an insomniac”, but that might be too transparent..hmm.

In other news, these guys are amusing my mind’s eye right now:

Who knows what adventures they’ll take?


Did Somebody Say…Minicomics!?

Posted in Omg Comics, WORK with tags , , , , on December 17, 2009 by a james

So ExcitingI am le proud. The first ever minicomic I’ve made/assembled/printed! Also the first long-format story I’ve done! I’ve never really drawn much further than a page or four…this is 15 pages!! Très difficile! Oui, c’est un grand effort pour moi. But I’m hardcore! I mean look, it has SKULLZ on the cover!

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