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just some panels from the second installation of Spooky Service LLC

Spooky Service was originally had the working title of “THE STRANGE”, it’s current working title is “Christian learns to not be a shimp.”

One day there may be “Christian learns time management”, and “Christian learns to not be an insomniac”, but that might be too transparent..hmm.

In other news, these guys are amusing my mind’s eye right now:

Who knows what adventures they’ll take?


Christian Facts

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That blank piece of hair is blue.

He hates being called “Chris”, that’s Christopher, people.

Eloise made him bat-print underwear.

He likes the “purple” flavour of grape candy/drinks.

He wants a better night-photography set-up.

He likes 70’s/80’s music better than modern music; it’s hard to get him to listen to “new” music.

He really, really, really wants a cigarette.

He has a younger sister (12), and a baby brother (5).

He’s an insomniac.

He doesn’t care that he can see ghosts, but it’s annoying because they usually fuck up his head and they don’t know that.

His mother’s an atheist; she doesn’t believe in an afterlife.

They chose “Christian” because it’s a sensible, dignified name that doesn’t get used a lot.

Christian isn’t sure how he feels about aeroplanes.

At home, he has a pet rat.

2008 “Best Of” Album

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Gosh it’s contents. Instead of scanning anything current, I’ve rooted through some files and composed a bit of a “Best of” art/photography post….For 2008!

“All Work and No Play”, Acrylic mini. The original is lost or stolen. Continue reading

In Full Glory

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omg seriouslyBack to the grind. I wish coffee tasted like rainbows.