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Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on October 5, 2010 by a james

@_@ I will be so glad when Comicon is over, ahhh. The idea of organizing so many people [my dear hold hands & greenhorned crewmates alike o’ Cartoon Allies ] at such a large event….well, I’m probably over-speaking my responsablities/worries. We seem like we will be a well-oiled machine of TABLE AWESOME.

But my comic, “Spooky Service LLC” will be at the School of Visual Arts table all weekend.  It’s occult gay romantic drama-comedy!?! In two parts, so far! 😀

If you’re there, or going to NYAF [which is joined with NYCC this year I’ve heard!] stop by, check it out, and have a good time :>



Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on September 2, 2010 by a james

I WILL BE AT THE SMALL PRESS EXPO in Maryland, this September.
It’s NEXT WEEK. [link]
I’ll be at the SVA [W48!] table with my comic, Spooky Service LLC!

I just finished scanning the new touched up pages and I think it’s looking 80% better than the first run!

I’m so excited. I will get to shill out comics and go “ee” over heros.


I’ll only have Issues 0-1, Issue 2 never happened. I hope to try to do two pages a month over the school term. I’ve been getting used to where I’m living and just you know, being all “ON MY OWN”.

We’re Gonna Do It Anyhow

Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on April 13, 2010 by a james

Yaaay. Post-MoCCAfest wipe out and now back to worrrk.

Thanks to the people who bought my comic! I hope you enjoyed it, or at least stuck with it if it made you seethe, but hopefully it didn’t make you seethe.

I spent too much money on comics. Thanks to the people who made them! Thanks goes out to Kate Beaton for drawing the bear-man thing from Thundarr on the inside of my copy of her book. Thanks to Liz Baillie for providing signature-speech bubbles inside of My Brain Hurts.

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR FEEDING MY BUTTON ADDICTION. Also Tiny Kitten Teeth for having the cutest booth ever 🙂


In Full Glory

Posted in derp, WORK with tags , , , on January 19, 2010 by a james

omg seriouslyBack to the grind. I wish coffee tasted like rainbows.

Did Somebody Say…Minicomics!?

Posted in Omg Comics, WORK with tags , , , , on December 17, 2009 by a james

So ExcitingI am le proud. The first ever minicomic I’ve made/assembled/printed! Also the first long-format story I’ve done! I’ve never really drawn much further than a page or four…this is 15 pages!! Très difficile! Oui, c’est un grand effort pour moi. But I’m hardcore! I mean look, it has SKULLZ on the cover!

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Art, and Comics, and Ink, Oh My!

Posted in derp, Omg Comics, Uncategorized, WORK on November 10, 2009 by a james

Sup; this is the blog-companion to my soon-to-be-uploaded site, .

Weird, strange, magical things like updates shall be placed here, all in due time.

But first! Introductions!

My name is Adrian James. I’m a queer from Syracuse, NY. I’m attending the School of Visual Arts, in NYC, where I study COMICS! Joy. I draw, I dabble at writing, I like loud, angry music from machines and excited, lo-fi music from the strings of an acoustic guitar and the reedy voice of someone who can’t quite sing.

I’m currently working on a 15-page comic, as well as attempting a brief strip, and drawing lots of pictures and words in little boxes with my cohorts.

I am prone to bouts of angst and joy.

I like noodles, and dogs.

My cat’s name is Blacky.