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Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on October 5, 2010 by a james

@_@ I will be so glad when Comicon is over, ahhh. The idea of organizing so many people [my dear hold hands & greenhorned crewmates alike o’ Cartoon Allies ] at such a large event….well, I’m probably over-speaking my responsablities/worries. We seem like we will be a well-oiled machine of TABLE AWESOME.

But my comic, “Spooky Service LLC” will be at the School of Visual Arts table all weekend.  It’s occult gay romantic drama-comedy!?! In two parts, so far! 😀

If you’re there, or going to NYAF [which is joined with NYCC this year I’ve heard!] stop by, check it out, and have a good time :>



Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on September 2, 2010 by a james

I WILL BE AT THE SMALL PRESS EXPO in Maryland, this September.
It’s NEXT WEEK. [link]
I’ll be at the SVA [W48!] table with my comic, Spooky Service LLC!

I just finished scanning the new touched up pages and I think it’s looking 80% better than the first run!

I’m so excited. I will get to shill out comics and go “ee” over heros.


I’ll only have Issues 0-1, Issue 2 never happened. I hope to try to do two pages a month over the school term. I’ve been getting used to where I’m living and just you know, being all “ON MY OWN”.

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just some panels from the second installation of Spooky Service LLC

Spooky Service was originally had the working title of “THE STRANGE”, it’s current working title is “Christian learns to not be a shimp.”

One day there may be “Christian learns time management”, and “Christian learns to not be an insomniac”, but that might be too transparent..hmm.

In other news, these guys are amusing my mind’s eye right now:

Who knows what adventures they’ll take?

True Tales of Adrian Life

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SO Oblivious

We’re Gonna Do It Anyhow

Posted in Omg Comics, WORK on April 13, 2010 by a james

Yaaay. Post-MoCCAfest wipe out and now back to worrrk.

Thanks to the people who bought my comic! I hope you enjoyed it, or at least stuck with it if it made you seethe, but hopefully it didn’t make you seethe.

I spent too much money on comics. Thanks to the people who made them! Thanks goes out to Kate Beaton for drawing the bear-man thing from Thundarr on the inside of my copy of her book. Thanks to Liz Baillie for providing signature-speech bubbles inside of My Brain Hurts.

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR FEEDING MY BUTTON ADDICTION. Also Tiny Kitten Teeth for having the cutest booth ever 🙂



Posted in Omg Comics with tags , , , on December 30, 2009 by a james

Durp, I either wake up too fucking early or I go to bed so late that it’s early. Guh.

But more importantly I keep my brain busy and my eyes healthy [because I neglected to bring my glasses, so these white layouts make my eyes bleed and my retinas burn] I’ve been sitting in bed and reading. THIS IS THE LIST OF THINGS I HAVE READ IN THE PAST WEEK:

KITCHEN SINK : I found a back issue in a back-issue discount bin for 3 bucks and had to snatch it up. Lovely issue about drag, bus travel, small press, and a bevy of other things. I almost impressed some hip kid from Buffalo on the train, but he obviously wasn’t as well-versed in now-defunct independent magazines because he had a girlfriend.

STINZ: WAR AND WEDDING BELLS: I first had a random encounter with Donna Barr’s work when I decided to read one whole mini-comics drawer at Our Sisters In Unwaivering Literacy. In the grail-quest of the back issue clearance bin, I found this full-fledged graphic novel [5 bux!] of Germanness and half-horse military nonsense. I’ve decided I’m only buying things based on how hilarious I find the concept; though I don’t think manga school-detective Sandman will be as enjoyable as Stinz turned out to be…

LENORE: WEDGIES: It was 7shells at the LOCAL COMIC SHOP because they have mecha-clearance. It was sold to me by the prerequisite cute goth [girl/boy] every comic shop has; though I’m still sore about the lame lame lamey name they changed the store name to a few years back……….. :I Anyway it’s Lenore of course it was awesome. Most of the stories I’ve read before but there was some new [to me] “Things Involving Me”s that I enjoyed. NOSTALGIA CITY.

ZERO GIRL: FULL CIRCLE: so many subtitles! The Sisters of Perpetual Literacy had the first trade of Zero Girl, which I snapped up because I adore Sam Keith’s work. This is the next arch in the drama between Circles and Squares! More awesome layouts, glorious multimedia, and grippy characterization! PLUCKY NEW HEROINE.

IGNITION CITY #2: Retrofuture spacetravel grounded by international laws in the background of a murder drama as only Warren Ellis can pen. Also, impossibly grippy shirts…plots should be that compelling, but cotton crop button-ups never that snug.

I got Christmas money, and instead of ending hunger and poverty I was a greedy capitalist bastard and took advantage of Border’s 5th-one-free comics and graphic novels to nerd on mangays. Oh god my moral infrastructure.

TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLES 10-11: ZIPPYSHIPS!! It’s cute and more hints on FAI’S DARK PAST. Also Fai starts calling Kurogane “Daddy”. And Toyomo’s fangirling over Sakura is cute. OH right there’s some story about perseverance and never giving up and the seeds or true love being planted that I find sweet but Fai starts calling Kurogane “Daddy”.

xxxHOLIC 12-13: Guh this is getting hard to follow, as Watanuki slips in and out and between and around dreams and the dream-world. Weird allusions to Through the Looking-Glass and a fragmenting story that’s questioning it’s own reality. Finally some conclusion to the Kohane-chan saga; Watanuki further cools off toward Dômeki, less outrageous armflapping and more god damn gratitude.

BEZEINGHAST 3: 😀 Edaniel’s “SUPAH’DANIEL” humanoid form appears for at least 1/2 a chapter. The characters are endearing and the story’s universe interesting, which keeps me reading even though I find the pacing to be really quick and the art shakey [but then so it is in Little Petshop of Horrors]….it’s like in volume 5 now, which makes me realize how little I’ve been paying attention to most everything.

I was really, really trying hard to not read them all in one night. I might end up buying some BOOK books, though I still have The Divine Comedy cracked open at Canto Three and damn it I haven’t even finished The Fountainhead and that book will not defeat me.

Anyways, my DRAW-BREAK is over and I plan on scrlaypinoutging [that’s scripting and layouting simultaneously!] SSLLC2aka1 and doing huffhuffhuff CHARACTER DESIGNS. I will shove a boot in the face of going off-model. Also revising the DUMB PANELS. [which you miss out on because I was further a dumb and forgot to reupload the rainboytastic panel.]

Also I have like a threefoot list of music I need more of. And Like, a week’s worth [time-wise] of podcasts to listen to before I’m in soundcardless hell again.

But first! House work! Maybe!

Did Somebody Say…Minicomics!?

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So ExcitingI am le proud. The first ever minicomic I’ve made/assembled/printed! Also the first long-format story I’ve done! I’ve never really drawn much further than a page or four…this is 15 pages!! Très difficile! Oui, c’est un grand effort pour moi. But I’m hardcore! I mean look, it has SKULLZ on the cover!

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