the things you do on phones

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this is a nonoupdate mostly to point out that i have been way more active on tumblr in the past three years so here:



MOCCA FEST. It was good.

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And now, almost /10 people/ have looked at this blog, simultaneously.

Ha! ha ha!

Legit updates soon.

Girl Punk and Gay Comics

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Working on a totally different comic than SSLLC, sorry kittens.


scrawling to the Soviettes


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Comicon was swell.

It was nice to meet, talk to, and recruit all sorts of fans, artists, writers, bloggers, alumni, sweethearts, and approximently-highschool aged children [for the SVA precollage program!]


Once again, I return to my humble monk-student self….

Well, actually, I hope to post more in the next few weeks. Art stuff, even! Keep an eye out.


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@_@ I will be so glad when Comicon is over, ahhh. The idea of organizing so many people [my dear hold hands & greenhorned crewmates alike o’ Cartoon Allies ] at such a large event….well, I’m probably over-speaking my responsablities/worries. We seem like we will be a well-oiled machine of TABLE AWESOME.

But my comic, “Spooky Service LLC” will be at the School of Visual Arts table all weekend.  It’s occult gay romantic drama-comedy!?! In two parts, so far! 😀

If you’re there, or going to NYAF [which is joined with NYCC this year I’ve heard!] stop by, check it out, and have a good time :>

This Is How I Feel About Comics.

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Now back to being a student.


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I WILL BE AT THE SMALL PRESS EXPO in Maryland, this September.
It’s NEXT WEEK. [link]
I’ll be at the SVA [W48!] table with my comic, Spooky Service LLC!

I just finished scanning the new touched up pages and I think it’s looking 80% better than the first run!

I’m so excited. I will get to shill out comics and go “ee” over heros.


I’ll only have Issues 0-1, Issue 2 never happened. I hope to try to do two pages a month over the school term. I’ve been getting used to where I’m living and just you know, being all “ON MY OWN”.